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The locale A quicker-than-expected 40-minute trip, crossing the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge. Be sure your path takes you along the Niagara Parkway at least once, so you can catch the sights of this scenic Canadian drive dotted with stately homes and v…

Whether you’re looking for fresh date-night ideas or something new to occupy the homebody days of winter, Buffalo serves up a plethora of opportunities to exercise your creativity in tactile mediums. Local craftspeople are eager to impart their wisdo…

Super Bowl vs. Academy Awards Fri, Jan 25, 2019

The world will soon gather on a wintry Sunday evening to watch the ultimate champion crowned in a spectacular display of thrilling highs and agonizing defeats. Also, the Super Bowl will be played. Both the Super Bowl (Feb. 3) and the Academy Awards (…

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The digital clock on the nightstand reads 3:45 as the alarm pierces the early morning darkness. Marc Croteau, a graphic designer by trade and a fitness guru by passion, drops his feet to the floor and rises from bed. His wife and daughter, and the en…

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Randy Schultz was just looking for a job. He ended up finding the love of his life. Respected members of the WNY media, the Schultz’s have carved out their niche in the hockey community. A perfect partnership that currently runs…

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Planning anything is tough. Creatively devising a Buffalo-area evening that is both entertaining and expertly stitched together is even tougher—until now. The Night Out is a suggested succession of stops for those looking for an arranged game plan…