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With any home improvement project, people want the most bang for their buck. But the needs and wants of a couple in their 50s might be completely different than their needs at 70 or 80. Because of this—and the large boomer group that’s come of age (a…

Choices abound more than ever when it comes to dining out in the 716, from neighborhood joints to bistros to fine dining establishments. Whether you pay your tab with cash, credit card or Venmo, prices vary as much as the featured menus. We dug in to…

5 things to do this March Fri, Feb 22, 2019

Winter may be wrapping up in Western New York, but there’s plenty of cool stuff on tap for March. From spirituals to the sounds of the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s, news of these events is sure to be music to your ears. March 2: Rise Up! First Shiloh Baptis…

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Getting in better shape is an investment of both time and money. Fortunately, many of WNY’s most unique fitness studios are willing to offer free or deeply discounted classes for newcomers looking to try the workout before making a long-term commitme…

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Usually the result of one of the three Ds–divorce, downsizing or death–estate sales are a way to liquidate someone’s belongings, not just get rid of some stuff around the house. With the goal of unloading as much as possible, you can expect to find a…

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Part of my mission is to recommend good, reasonably priced locally available wines. Recently, I asked my wife Karen if she’d go on a hunt for wines that fit the bill. She is the best bargain hunter I know (except, maybe, for the insanely priced cloth…

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