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Yes, you can serve homemade food at your wedding

Wedding planning is all about decisions and prioritizing the ones that matter most to you two. And for couples who place food atop the list, like many do, there are more ways than ever to serve up the exact bite you crave during your festivities—homemade pasta included.

While this option may not be a staple on every catering menu, honing in on a venue that’s known for its scratch-made Italian fare is an easy, smart place to start. Those restaurants are likely to prioritize the unparalleled taste of cooking with fresh pasta, and if anyone can find a way to extend that successfully to larger-scale events, it’s them.

Ripa’s Restaurant in Lancaster is no exception. Sharing a taste of home—and the distinctive flavors of his home country of Italy—is exactly what inspired Harry Ripa to open the restaurant in the late 1940s. His beloved family recipes from the Marche region of Italy, a resort destination on the Adriatic, headlined the menu, and using only handmade pasta was a given.

The restaurant is now onto its third generation, with Harry’s commitment to authentic, scratch-made fare being passed down along with the reigns. (Harry’s great-nephew, Tony, is now at the helm.) And of the many changes the restaurant has seen over the decades, one of its biggest was expanding to add on a dedicated banquet space for up to 300 people—one that serves up the same quality as its main dining room, but with an even more diverse menu. Their secret to success? Building a second kitchen devoted to that event space, too.

“Our food is always plated to order,” says Tony Ripa. That means your dish is made just like it would be for a regular dinner at the restaurant. It’ll never be held in a warming oven, but rather taste like it was made just for you, and not a crowd, when it arrives at your table—because it was. Ripa’s won’t charge you a wedding premium either: Their event space comes with no added fees, like charges for the room, bar or cake cutting.

For more information about hosting your wedding, rehearsal dinner or shower at Ripa’s Restaurant in Lancaster, visit their website or call 716-684-2418.

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