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The simple secret to actually enjoying your wedding day

Your wedding is one of the few times in life where you get to fill a room with those you care about most. But getting to enjoy that time, stress-free? That’s far from a given (as the recently wed will tell you).

That’s the dirty little secret of weddings: At the end of the day, it’s an event. And with any event comes a million little details hiding behind the overall vision that’s sure to catch any couple off guard—but that’s all in a day’s work for a professional coordinator.

“When you do everything yourself, you get distracted and pulled away,” says Samantha Nelson, owner and head coordinator of Ellicottville Events. “The last thing you want is people in your face asking you where things go. We handle all that, so the couple gets to be guests at their own wedding and enjoy every moment.”

From coordinating vendors and keeping things on schedule to troubleshooting the inevitable unexpected hiccup—all quietly behind the scenes—a coordinator is on top of elements you likely didn’t even think or know about come wedding day. Here’s a peek at how a wedding coordinator can keep the stress away.

Sponsored Content | The simple secret to actually enjoying your wedding day

A wedding coordinator helps couples turn vision into reality by tackling many day-of details. (City Light Studios)

They worry so you don’t have to. Every event needs a point person, and not having a designated contact usually leads to confusion. That responsibility de facto falls on you two (or close family and friends) if you don’t opt for the help of a coordinator.

Think of them as your eyes and ears on the ground, spearheading your vision—and ensuring no one pulls you away from where you’re meant to be. “We come in to make sure all those little details are met, so we’re painting the picture that’s in the bride’s mind,” says Nelson, who pursued her passion for coordinator after masterminding her own wedding. “She can’t be there doing that because she’s getting ready. We eliminate the stress of that, so they’re able to sit back, relax and enjoy the day.”

What you get is tailored to you two. From the amount of help you’re looking for to the budget you’re working with: You can tap into the expertise of Ellicottville Events for the entire process, just your wedding day or any point in between. Nelson works closely with each of her couples to come up with the right package for their needs.

They can optimize your budget. Professional wedding coordinator like Nelson work with hundreds of local vendors regularly—and that gives her invaluable insights to impart to her couples that can save money, from recommending preferred vendors to helping you hire the right professional the first time.

To learn more about how Ellicottville Events can help you plan your wedding, visit their website or call 716-378-0086.