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Showcase your frame-worthy wedding mementos

Your wedding day is one of the most joyous moments of your life, and something you’ll want to cherish forever. Custom framing is the perfect way to display and preserve not only your professional portraits, but everything from invitations and hand-written vows to family heirlooms.

When it comes to protecting such important keepsakes, it pays to turn to a professional, independent framer for hands-on, one-on-one attention and expert knowledge.

“You need to feel confident that your framer is someone you can trust, someone who knows the proper archival and conservation techniques to minimize deterioration and maximize longevity,” said Sue Sullivan, owner of Sue’s Frame of Mind in Lewiston. “So much is done in the framing process to make sure things don’t yellow with age, dehydrate or dry up and wrinkle.”

With her business coming up on its 10-year anniversary, Sullivan has noticed a trend of couples recognizing the people close to them who have influenced their lives and supported them through the years.

“It’s a way to remember how that day started as well as how you got to be there,” added Sullivan.

Just a few of the pieces she has been entrusted with include:

  • Side-by-side photos of the bride and her grandmother in the same wedding dress
  • Letter written by a wounded WWII soldier to the nurse who would become his wife, asking for a date (framed for their grandson’s wedding day)
  • Map of destination wedding site signed by each of the guests
  • Handkerchief with embroidered verse that a bride had given her father on her wedding day
  • Photo of mother/son dance with letter from the son thanking his mother for everything she’s done
  • Thumbprint tree drawing with couples’ thumbprints embedded on the hanging swing, their parents’ prints at the base and the guests’ as the leaves

“There are endless ideas for keepsake memories of your special day that you can have for the future and that will warm your heart every day,” said Sullivan. “Don’t just save them in an album or on your phones, get them out there for people to see!”

Stop by Sue’s Frame of Mind, 748 Center St., for ideas on how to protect and display your own wedding mementos, and visit their website and Facebook page for more photos of their creations.