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Celebrate our fabulous food culture during Local Restaurant Week

Western New York is thriving, and our vibrant, independent culinary scene is a big part of the region’s renaissance. Sample “cuisine outside the routine” Oct. 7-13 during Local Restaurant Week and choose from over 175 locally owned and operated eateries featuring dishes priced at $20.19, $30.19 and/or $40.19.

The only concept of its kind to shine a light on mom-and-pop restaurants, it’s the perfect time to visit old faves or try out a new hot spot.

“It came about as a way to try to target a new audience and help reinvigorate the local restaurant scene when it was a little quiet and slow back in 2009,” said Mike Andrzejewski, owner of Cantina Loco and one of the founders of Local Restaurant Week. “Every year, we bring in new faces and make new regular customers and new friends.”

“It’s great for getting people out to try a new restaurant they might not have tried before. Hopefully they’ll enjoy their meal and keep coming back,” added Tony Trusso, owner of Lenox Grill, a participant in Local Restaurant Week since the restaurant’s opening in 2012.

Photo Credit: Gallo Coal Fire Kitchen

One of the largest independent restaurant promotions in the country, WNY’s Local Restaurant Week ranks behind only NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and D.C. in size—which speaks volumes for the food scene of our relatively small market.

Local Restaurant Week plays a vital role not only in our cultural identity, but also the regional economy with an estimated $8 million annual local economic impact.

“Every dollar helps local businesses stay in business,” added Trusso. “And we hire locally, so the money goes to servers, dish washers, etc.—all people who live and work in the community.”


Photo Credit: Marco's Italian Restaurant

Since local restaurants tend to support local vendors, farmers and suppliers, the money spent by diners during Local Restaurant Week also makes a significant impact throughout the area’s food service industry.

Go out and enjoy a great meal for a great deal during WNY Local Restaurant Week—all while helping make our community stronger. Click here for a list of participating restaurants.