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Buffalo Magazine: Shopping

You see it every Sunday — Buffalo fans wearing jerseys, hats and T-shirts to cheer on the team. Wouldn’t it be great if that same gear could also help a family in need? That’s the idea behind 26Shirts, a charitable initiative founded last fall by Del Reid of Kenmore. Every two weeks, 26Shirts debuts a new limited edition, Buffalo sports themed shirt, and all proceeds be…

Buffalo Magazine: Style

Too tight. Too loose. Too long. Too short. Size four in one store. Size eight in another store. It’s a sizing conundrum, a retail maze without an exit. Picture this: you are desperate for a new pair of skinny jeans — that perfect pair that hugs your hips and lifts your butt without being too tight. You walk into Gap, where you have always worn a size 8, but the size 8 j…