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Confection whiz kid

“I bake as much as I can and even more if I don’t have a lot of homework.”

This may not seem like a typical baking philosophy, but Sara Young isn’t your typical baker. She’s an eighth grader at Amherst Middle School who got the baking itch after trying out a cupcake recipe from scratch.

“After I baked that batch of cupcakes, I did swirl piping for the frosting and I was hooked,” said Young.

Young spoke of mousse, ganache and mirror glazes like someone who had 13 years of baking experience…not just 13 years of living.

Confection whiz kid | Buffalo Magazine

As a member of Generation Z, Young is an internet native and accustomed to having information right at her fingertips. She picks up tips, tricks and recipes from baking personalities on Instagram in particular.

“I can usually look at a finished product and replicate it,” added Young. “Plus, I don’t like to bake the same cake twice so the internet is great for inspiration.”

Young herself boasts nearly 1,500 followers on her @Sweets.BySara handle. She uses the social media platform to showcase her culinary creations, including elaborate tiered cakes, intricate cutout cookies and vibrant macaroons.

Young’s not only online. When school’s not in session, she interns at Globe Market on Elmwood Avenue. There, Young helps create gluten-free and vegan cupcakes, cookies and cakes.

“Our customers don’t believe they are healthier because they are so good,” said Alice Eoannou, owner of Globe Market. “And it’s true what they say about it taking a community to raise a child. Once I say, ‘Oh, this is from our 13-year old baker!’ Everyone wants to support her even more.”

Young credits Globe Market with helping her with the more commercial aspect of baking, like glazing fruit to keep it fresh longer and decorating every piece evenly.

With goals both small (mastering croissants) and big (starting her own business), it may be a good idea to snag Young’s sweet treats when you can.

A selection is available every five weeks or so at Globe Market. But she’s on-site more frequently in the summer months when school is out. You can also place an order through her Instagram page: @Sweets.BySara

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