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The staycation mini-moon

Cristina Anderson and her husband, Tim, didn’t want a traditional honeymoon. Instead, they opted for a mini-moon.

Following their wedding, the Buffalo couple spent three days at an all-inclusive resort in the Poconos—a stay that cost them a total of around $300 after finding a Groupon discount.

“Our honeymoon wasn’t fancy and luxurious, but it was the perfect getaway for us!” said Christina. “I’m so glad that we chose the mini-moon because we were able to pay off all of our debt very early in marriage and have now been debt-free for almost three years.”

Cristina and Tim join a growing number of couples ditching—or delaying—the honeymoon in favor of the mini-moon. These abbreviated getaways are typically under a week long and within a few hours of the couple’s home. According to The Knot, roughly 82 percent of newlyweds are taking a mini-moon.

The staycation mini-moon | WNY Weddings

Emily Foschio and her husband, Tyler Sisson, enjoy a walk around the Niagara Falls area following their mini-moon. The couple decided to stay close to home to save money for home renovations.

Emily Foschio and her husband also chose this shortened approach—spending their mini-moon split between Niagara Falls and Ithaca, because she and her husband had just purchased their first home.

“We decided that we would rather spend money on renovations we could enjoy for years to come than on one trip,” she says. “We both like to travel, but a big, long-distance trip wasn’t as important to us as the projects we wanted to complete in our home.”

But the reasons for mini-mooning aren’t only financial. Many couples see a shorter, closer-to-home trip as less stressful, requiring less planning. It also doesn’t break the vacation-days bank for couples who have limited time off work.

Taking a mini-moon post wedding doesn’t have to mean foregoing a longer trip—it may just mean postponing it for later. The Andersons, for example, see their dream vacation to Hawaii, a trip they put away money for every month, in their future. And they’re glad they chose to save rather than splurge.

Foschio noted that the most important part of any post-wedding trip is spending uninterrupted time together to celebrate marriage.

“We definitely accomplished that and enjoyed new places that still somehow felt far away from home,” she said. “Time away to celebrate matters and is important, but it doesn’t have to be across the globe or expensive.”

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