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Opioid Awareness

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Know the slang: Be aware of what kids are talking about

Alcohol: juice, cold ones, brewskies, poison, booze, hooch and sauce

Cocaine: coke, blow, powder, sugar, nose candy, dust, toot, snow, sneeze, lines, base and rock (crack)


  • Ecstasy: E, X and XTC
  • Lysergic Acid Diethylamide: LSD, acid, blotter, beast, blue cheer, dot, lucy in the sky with diamonds and blue heaven
  • Phencyclidine: PCP, angel dust, boat, ozone, wack, super grass, killer joints and rocket fuel
  • Psilocybin: Magic mushrooms and shrooms

Heroin: lady white girl, horse, black tar, brown sugar, smack, goods, big H, junk, mud, dope and skag

Inhalants: glue, whipped cream, kick, bang, sniff, huff, poppers, whippets and rush

Ketamine: K, special K, Ket, vitamin K and Kit Kat

Marijuana: pot, weed, herb, green, Mary Jane, MJ, joints, bong toke, reefer, ganja, roach, nail and blunt (cigar filled with marijuana)

Methamphetamine: speed, meth, crystal, crank, tweak, go-fast, ice, glass, uppers, black beauties and batu

Prescription pills

  • Painkillers: oxies, OC, oxycotton, 80s, Percs, Vikes, Vikings and tabs
  • Depressants: bezos, Xanies, Xani-bars, Xani-bombs and roofies
  • Stimulants: Ritz, rippers, dexies and bennies

Rohypnol (also known as the date rape drug): rophies, R2s, Mexican Valium, rib and roach

Steroids: arnolds, roids, gym candy, pumpers, stackers, weight trainers, juice, sauce and slop


  • Cigarettes: smokes, cancer sticks, cigs and butts
  • Smokeless tobacco: chew, snuff, dip and spit tobacco

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