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A family's story: Tony & Ken

A family's story: Tony & Ken | Opioid Awareness Guide

Tony (left) and Ken

Our loving family was turned upside down when we learned that our two sons were addicted to drugs.

It was a battle we all fought for the last 15 years. Two bright, hard-working, good-looking young men now struggled with demons on their backs.

Fifteen years ago, it was really hard to get someone any help. They had to meet certain criteria for anyone to be willing to help. As years passed, the boys seemed to have somewhat of a handle on their drug abuse, but the underlying problem still existed.

Our two sons were bright, shining stars, kind and polite, always willing to help someone who needed help, even strangers. Both boys spent numerous months in inpatient rehabs and outpatient counseling. Ken and Tony always said they didn’t want to be addicts but the draw was more than we could ever understand.

In March of 2018, Tony and his girlfriend lost the battle with drugs. Ken is sober and dealing with his demons on a daily basis. From March 2018 forward, our lives will forever be tormented by drug abuse. We believe that you have to support an addict any way you can with conversation and love. Let them know they are a valuable part of your family and are still loved. We believe tough love in the eyes of the addict makes them feel lost and hopeless, even though that’s not the case.

— Ken and Mary Nardolillo

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