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A family's story: Daniel

A family's story: Daniel | Opioid Awareness GuideThis is the story of my son Daniel’s short life.

He had a wonderful life until he became addicted to his prescription pain medication. He loved going to our lodge in the Southern Tier, hunting, racing motocross and being with his friends and family, making them laugh and smile. He was very witty.

He was a Navy veteran deployed in Japan on the USS Kitty Hawk, a journeyman plumber and purchased his own home at age 23. He had accomplished quite a bit by 28.

In 2007, he hurt his back at work and was prescribed pain medications. In December 2011, he told his dad and me that he could not stop taking them without getting very sick. From that day until he died January 26, 2012, we were on a roller coaster ride of begging for help in four different facilities. Finally, he was accepted into the last facility, and he took his life in the facility that night.

We have to help those who need help immediately and not turn anybody away. People are dying. Our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents.

This is not a character flaw.

This is not a moral failing.

This is a disease of Addiction.

We, who have lost our loved ones, are just asking you to have a heart and become educated about addiction. You can be that person who makes a difference in someone’s life.

— Dan and Cheryl Placek

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