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5 dark dishes fit for Halloween season

Unicorn drinks and foods have been all the rage, but what if rainbows and sparkles aren’t for you? This Halloween season, try some drinks, foods and sweets from the dark side of the dish.

1. Black

“Black” is a drink made with bentonite clay, lemon, agave, activated charcoal and filtered water intended as a before-bed cleanse. The lemon flavor dominates the slightly chalky drink, and it’s purportedly excellent for digestive health — and may even whiten your teeth.

Squeeze Juicery
5419 Main St., Williamsville
770 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo

2. Black rice

In ancient China, black rice was saved for the higher classes because of its rarity and nutritional benefits — it’s full of protein, fiber, and antioxidants. In WNY, Sun uses black rice in everything from sushi to desserts.

Sun Cuisines
Three locations in Buffalo and Williamsville

3. Blackout ‘65

Seven decadent layers of rich, chocolatey devil’s food cake with a layer of silky chocolate custard, topped with a dollop of whipped cream, is the perfect way to end your meal.

Patina 250
250 Delaware Ave., Buffalo

4. The Maverick

Known for their beautiful designs, all Whimsy’s chocolates have fun names, too. The Maverick, part of the Dream Collection, is a creamy, espresso flavored chocolate in the shape of a black heart.

Whimsy Confections
1448 Hertel Ave, Buffalo
$2.25 each. Box of four: $10.

5. Squid Noodles

Gondola has been rolling out fresh pasta made daily since 1958 on Buffalo’s West Side. One of the many varieties offered is black squid ink noodles. The shocking color is generally what draws people to the fettuccine, but the slightly salty and creamy notes add a nice flavor twist to your everyday pasta.

Gondola Macaroni Products
1985 Niagara St., Buffalo
$3.50 for a 12oz. bag

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