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Liposuction, hair removal & Botox for men

Until about 10 or 15 years ago, the most popular cosmetic procedure for men was a hair transplant.

Today, men are having forehead and eye wrinkles smoothed, back and neck hair removed and excess fat around chins and other areas taken care of.

Area doctors and providers of both surgical and non-surgical cosmetic services are noting an uptick in the number of Buffalo-area men seeking treatments that will help them look (and feel) better. That’s right. Guys — younger, older, in the middle — are becoming more frequent clients at places more traditionally associated with women: Those that perform procedures like liposuction, laser hair removal and skin smoothing with fillers and neuromodulators (Botox and other similar products).

One thing helping the trend is wives’ encouragement: Often they’ll gift their husbands a cosmetic treatment after enjoying a successful one themselves. Men also care more about how they look — lipo may help them look trimmer, and wrinkle-busting fillers can help them look more relaxed and youthful.

Lori Incorvaia, a registered nurse and manager of the medical spa for plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Giacobbe, says many of their clients are seeking minimally invasive procedures. Specifically, they are looking to resist nature’s gravitational pull.

“Men have thicker muscles. Sometimes, like between their eyebrows and forehead, the muscles pull down; men will think they look angry,” she said. “Properly done, injections can soften that furrow without feminizing the face.”

Incorvaia posited that environment helps reduce the discomfort that men may have felt in the past when seeking cosmetic treatments.

“Men feel more comfortable in a ‘medical spa,’” she said. “It’s clinically driven — and private. Once they are in the room and relaxed, they enjoy learning about the benefits of taking care of their skin and how to avoid the dangers of things like sun damage.”

Dr. Jack Bertolino of Smooth Solutions uses a procedure called VASERlipo to perform “liposculpture;” downtime and recovery from this procedure varies from minimal to several weeks, depending on how large of an area is treated or how much fat is removed.

“The system works beautifully to help remove subcutaneous fat; I’m carving around the muscle to give a defined athletic look,” Bertolino said. “It’s popular for male breast reduction — it’s also great for ‘love handles’ and around the abdomen.”

Laser treatments — with varying systems for both hair removal and evening out the skin — are also popular.

“Unlike the 1970s,” attested Bertolino, “men today want much less to do with body hair.”

Incorvaia said there’s a practical side to hair removal, as well.

“The neck is a popular area for men to get laser treatment,” she said. “Wearing a shirt and tie every day can irritate the area. Also, they’re becoming more concerned about sun exposure on their necks — say, from golf. There may be red and brown discoloration —laser treatments help lift that pigment and clear it up.”

Bertolino uses a similar procedure to even out the skin tone, and says it works by raising the melanin (red or brown spots). “After a series of laser treatments, the melanin comes up through the skin, and eventually brushes off, and flecks away,” he said.

How much does it cost?

Neuromodulators (Botox, Dysport and Xeomin): $270 to $525 for most men’s treatments

Liposuction: $2,500 — $7,000

Laser treatments (usually priced in packages): Around $1,000 for six treatments on the neck for hair removal. Including back and shoulders, it’s more in the $2,500 range

Note that pricing ranges for each service, and as noted, depends on the provider, area and amount of work done. Prices provided here are examples only. For actual information on treatments and costs, speak with a specific provider.

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