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Local moms share their Mother's Day wish lists

Moms have the toughest job in the world – just ask us.

In fact, it hardly seems right that we only get 24 hours of official recognition a year. And while we wouldn’t trade our children for anything in the world, we do have some pretty specific ideas for how we’d really like to spend that one glorious day that is supposed to be all about us. Hint: It doesn’t include making sure everyone is happy, fed and picked up after; we get that honor on the daily.

Here’s how some local moms describe their ideal Mother’s Day:

Kimberly, age 31 — mom to a 3 year-old

"This Mother’s Day, all I really want is to sleep in, have my husband hand me a Tim Hortons Double Double when I wake up, and tell me he’s going to clean the house while I relax and watch Lifetime. A nice home-cooked meal would be nice, but not necessary. I also want lots of cuddles and hugs from my son throughout the day."

Tricia, 47 — mom to a 13, 14 and 16 year-old

"What I really want is to be left alone. I want my husband to take the kids somewhere all day. I want to sleep in. I want to wake up to a clean house before they leave for the day. And then I want to enjoy my time alone. When they return with take-out for dinner and a bottle of wine, we can enjoy family time. Then they can clean up the mess and I’ll go up to bed for the night."

Tara, age 39 — mom to a 4, 7 and 12 year-old

"How about being able to pee in peace? I really want them to stop putting their clothes inside out in the hamper. Or eat the damn crusts on their sandwiches. Or give me a free pass from hearing about their latest Minecraft creation. It’s the little things."

Kristine, age 45 — mom to a 15 and 18 year-old

"An empty house and endless mimosas. My husband to leave mom alone and spend time with kids (same goes for Father's Day). NOT to be asked, 'What do you want to do for mother's day,''s something else to add to your to-do list. To be given something that will benefit the household (example: the new phones I received for Mother’s Day eight years ago)."

Cheryl, age 60 — mom to a 27 and 30 year-old

"As much fun as it is to have everyone over to my house (and cook for and clean up after them), I really just want to go out to brunch with my girlfriends, sit by the water and toast to how wonderful we all are."

Tammy, 52 — mom to a 23 and 26 year-old

"My initial thought was that I have everything a mother could want. I have two sons that are unique and amazing people. What more could a Mom ask for?

Upon deeper refection, I realized there might be a few minor requests:

  • When you take me out to a restaurant, can it be somewhere that I don’t carry my tray to the table?
  • Refrain from telling the amusing stories about what I did to lose the “Mother of the Year” nomination again this year.
  • Stop buying me cookbooks. I get the hint!
  • Get out of bed without hitting your extra loud alarm snooze 19 times.
  • When you finally make time to watch a movie with me, “Family Guy” does not qualify as a movie.
  • Watch a Youtube video on how to stack dishes in the dishwasher.

But seriously, I am thankful every day for my boys and I feel like luckiest mother alive."

Me, age 52 — mom to a 15 and 20 year-old

As for me, I’d be tickled pink if I could get two cell phone-free hours with my daughters. No texting. No Instagram. No Vero. Just actual face-to-face communication. Throw a ratty old blanket on the lawn and serve me lemonade, Triscuits and Subway. If you’re reading this girls, that’s a six-inch turkey on wheat with spinach, cucumber, tomato and a drizzle of Sweet Vidalia dressing.

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