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Passion on wheels

Passion, for some, comes in many different shades. Some are grays (I’ve heard there are at least 50 shades!), some are black and white; still others are primary, while others yet are more Pantone-like.

Writer Jim Corbran can’t remember the color of the rug…but does know that the car in front of him was a two-tone blue 1957 Cadillac.

But for certain types, like me, they have more colorful names: Rangoon Red, Tucson Yellow, Heritage Burgundy. If you were at the 1963 Buffalo Auto Show at the Masten Avenue Amory, you might have picked up a Ford brochure like the one I still have. In it were those wonderful paint color names. Thumbing through it I can still smell that 1963 new car scent. Well, I suppose some of it might be mixed with that old 1963 paper smell, but it still takes me back to that winter’s Saturday evening when Dad and a 10-year-old me walked through the doors of the auto show and beheld a sight which up to that point I had only imagined.

All those new cars. All in one place. Inside, yet!

I think there were other people there, but I really didn’t notice. I do remember getting into every car that wasn’t locked; grabbing every brochure that was offered; and wearing out Dad as I crisscrossed the armory making sure I hadn’t missed anything.

The Buffalo Auto Show is an annual event that has been held almost continuously since 1903. Over the years it has moved to a few different venues, but the enthusiasm never waned.

It is presented by the Niagara Frontier Automobile Dealers Association, in cooperation with manufacturers and area dealerships who provide experts to man the booths and answer showgoers’ questions.

The passion of many attendees is matched by that of the NFADA and its show participants. There’s no other way the Buffalo Auto Show could have survived all of these years without it. And these days, it’s certainly more high-tech than it was in 1963, with both the displays and the vehicles themselves taking advantage of the latest gizmos and widgets to help make the show memorable (and informative) to everyone who walks through the doors of the Buffalo Convention Center.

That includes 10-year-old car enthusiasts, their soon-to-be-worn out parents, and the many show workers who put their time in for the love of — yes, I’ll say it — passion on four wheels.

Now in updated 2018 colors of Orange Fury, Kona Blue, and Ruby Red.

Feb. 8-11: Buffalo Auto Show
Buffalo Niagara Convention Center

Tickets: $10 ($8 presale); kids 5 and under, free.

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