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Drum up a new workout

Let’s face it: fitness can be boring — likely why there’s always a hot new class or program to keep people motivated. The latest to hit Buffalo? Drum workouts like POUND that combine a fast, full-body workout with the fun of being a rock star.

Judy Siniscalchi, owner of Garage Fitness Studio in Angola, said the workouts are pretty straightforward: Participants use drumsticks that are a quarter pound apiece to the beat of loud music, all while moving their bodies in ways that guarantee a good workout.

“It’s almost like you’re in the band that’s performing the music,” Siniscalchi said. “The energy is very high and you’re moving to the beat of the music with the drumsticks.”

Carrie Fick is a POUND instructor at Sow Fit Buffalo in Kenmore. She said the workout gives people a chance to change up their fitness routine in a fun way that fits fit their busy, stressful lives.

“After I had kids, I got out of being in a regular workout routine,” Fick said. “I used to be mostly a runner before I got into this. I got involved because I was trying to find something to do to fit into my busy schedule. I love it; it’s a 30 to 45-minute class and it’s a killer workout. That’s what a lot of clients love about it. You get in, get out, and you know you got a good workout.”

POUND classes involve several types of moves to work the entire body, said Fick, including squat-based lunges and Pilates-based movements while sitting.

“It’s a total body workout; you may not realize it until the next day when you reach for something and your arm hurts,” Fick said. “It’s fun and laid back. The music really pumps you up. There’s no pressure for people to come in and feel like they have to keep up.”

Both Siniscalchi and Fick said anyone can participate in drum workouts, regardless of age or skill level. At Sow Fit, there are also specifically tailored POUND classes for people with disabilities.

“I teach kids and senior citizens; there are lots of modifications,” Siniscalchi said. “There are lots of coordination moves and everyone is able to pick them up very quickly.”

Another benefit of drum workouts? Stress relief.

“For me, there are days where you really feel like you want to beat the crap out of something, and in POUND, you can drum it out on the floor while you’re sweating it out,” Fick said. “A lot of clients find [they like] not just the physical aspect.”

POUND classes are typically found at smaller, boutique style studios. Find a class near you at; just enter your Zip code.

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