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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Ultimate Guide

9 great burgers in WNY

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Wellington Pub / 1541 Hertel Ave. / Buffalo / 833-9899

You might joke about making a burger with two toasted cheese sandwiches as its bun. The Wellington Pub actually did it: Meet the Monster Burger.

Photo by Sharon Cantillon / Buffalo News

Duke's Bohemian Grove Bar / 253 Allen St. / Buffalo / 240-9359

Duke's Bohemian Grove Bar has some scruffy edges, but the kitchen cranks: This is The Duke of Allen Street, a truffled Angus burger with mushrooms, fried egg, and arugula. Do not miss the fries.

Grover's Bar & Grill / 9160 Transit Road / East Amherst / 636-1803

No list of Western New York burgers would be complete without mentioning Grover's Bar and Grill, known for huge burgers and cheeseburger soup. Here, it’s eater versus cheeseburger.

Photo by Sharon Cantillon / Buffalo News

Vizzi's / 967 Kenmore Ave. / Kenmore / 871-1965

Vizzi’s was crowned WNY’s best after an extensive search in 2008. This is what the grilled cheeseburger with potato salad looks like if you’re too burger-crazed to shoot before you start eating.

Soho Burger Bar / 64 W. Chippewa St. / Buffalo / 856-7646

Soho Burger Bar has a line of burgers formed from a custom beef blend. Here’s the bacon cheeseburger, along with some of the house-made Tater-Tot-like potato cubes.

K Cafe / 546 Niagara Falls Blvd. / Tonawanda / 836-8888

Korean BBQ-styled burgers, tacos and burritos anchor the menu at K Cafe. This is the Gangam burger with beef-bacon patty, kimchi, avocado, fried egg and more.

DiTondo's Tavern / 370 Seneca St. / Buffalo / 855-8838

Perhaps you would not expect a tavern specializing in parmed pasta and other Italian blue-collar plates to offer a burger of renown. Meet the Big Burger at DiTondo's Tavern.

Blue Monk / 727 Elmwood Ave. / Buffalo / 882-6665

A solid non-beef choice with an Asian spin is the duck burger with Vietnamese banh mi flavors, at Blue Monk. Fries cooked in duck fat make a sympatico side.

Photo by Derek Gee / Buffalo News

Allen Street Hardware Cafe / 245 Allen St. / Buffalo / 882-8843

If you’re at Allen Street Hardware, and willing to venture away from beef, consider this lamb burger with mint pesto and feta cheese.

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  • Michael Towers

    Sub par selections.

    • Guest

      Rather than write nothing, why don't you share your ideas with the rest of us?

  • Buffalo Shark

    grover's and the wellington one are the only ones that interest me, some of the others might be ok but the pictures didn't make them appealing. I've been to grovers and those are good burgers.

  • eskimo0101

    Vizzi's gets my vote. Rock Bottom, right across the street from Grovers has a better burger than Grovers though. Probably #2 behind Vizzi's. I've heard The Sterling has great burgers too but I've never had the hour+ free it takes for them to make one.

    • David M Mangiapane

      bigger isn't always better

  • commonsense

    How could Sterling Place Tavern not make this list?????????

    • David M Mangiapane

      because there are closed

      • commonsense

        Still closed? Geez, do they plan to reopen or where the damages to extensive?

  • Kari Terranova

    Goodtymes south hands down the best burgers in WNY located in Depew!

  • David M Mangiapane

    Wellington pub by far has a better burger than any of the other ones mention. Grovers comes in 2nd...

  • Rollo Tomassi

    The lamb burger at "The Irishman" in Williamsville,on Main Street, is really good!..And they have a great bar!!!!!

  • Dress

    Gotta give some love to the entire burger list up at The Griffon Pub in Niagara Falls. Just about 2 blocks from the outlet mall, it has not only burgers comparable to these, but also a Blue Monk-esque beer menu

  • Limelight

    Friendly's also has a burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for a bun.

  • goggles pisano

    We have all had 1000's of burgers in our lives; proably more. The best burger out I have ever had has never rated better than 'decent'. If you are not cooking with some type of charcoal/wood lit by natural means do not waste my time. Use the bun/meat/cheese/toppings you like and it can rival any food anywhere. Otherwise burgers are merely sustenance.

  • lynnmm730

    Blue Monk has the best Veggie Burger!

  • joenamherst

    I've had the burger at the K Cafe and was not impressed.....average at best!

  • Carly

    Great burgers at Wellington, Grovers, also Buffalo Brew on Main near Transit

  • Renee Kaznowski

    I like Five Guys! And their fries rock, too.

  • Jeff Gentner

    Guess the writers have never been to Kennedy's Cove in Clarence! Best Burger in my book!

  • Maria Rib

    Mooney's in Kenmore and Tonawanda is the best - better than Grovers even.


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