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Raphael's brings Italian to Boston

Raphael's brings Italian to Boston The lasagna at Raphael's, weighing in at two and a half pounds, is made with housemade pasta sheets. (Photo courtesy Raphael's)


Raphael’s has survived a rough introduction to Southtowns winter after opening in December. Owner Ralph Galluzzi brought life back to a Town of Boston building last operated as a pizzeria in 2008.

Raphael's, 8936 Boston State Road, offers Italian family dining in the purest sense. Galluzzi said the recipes for the sauces, pastas and more specialties come from family recipes.

The lasagna is built from housemade pasta sheets. It is two and a half pounds, and costs $15.95, Galluzzi said. “People have been telling me it’s the biggest in Buffalo,” he said. “Most people can’t even finish it.” Galluzzi makes his own fettucine and linguine, sausage and meatballs.

“It’s real Italian, old-time recipes that I’ve had handed down three generations, from my mother’s mother, to my mother, to me.”

“I’ve always been a cook at home,” Galluzzi said. “They say the restaurant business is tough, but every business is tough if you’re in New York State.”

(Hat tip: Dan Meyer)

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  • Paul Cambria

    looks fantastic cant wait to try it.

  • Sandy Boczar

    Good luck in your new endeavor! The lasagna looks great!

  • Kerri Ann Everett

    Can't wait to get out and try it! Missing our summer race family! BRING ON THE LASAGNA!

  • Michael Esch

    looks like about 85% pasta. yuk

  • Michael Esch

    maybe its just a bad picture? wish i kill for homemade pasta. which for some reason is pretty damn rare in WNY with all the italians.....

  • Richard Gozinia

    This guy has literally stolen from me and people I know and will lie in front of you as he puts it in his pocket. Will not last long, as soon as he stops paying his vendors he will be out of business, just like his other ventures.

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