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Video: AHL goalie & Williamsville native brilliantly thwarts 2-on-0

Video: AHL goalie & Williamsville native brilliantly thwarts 2-on-0 Former Amerks goalie and Williamsville native David Leggio pulled out a move from his goalie bag of tricks on Sunday. (Harry Scull Jr. / Buffalo News file photo)


As a goalie, Bridgeport Sound Tigers net-minder David Leggio chose a hysterical -- and effective -- means of defending the Springfield Falcons' 2-on-0 breakaway in the American Hockey League match-up on Sunday.

With Falcons forwards Dana Tyrell and Lukas Sedlak bearing down on him -- and no Tigers defender in sight -- Leggio, a Williamsville native, intentionally knocked his goal off its moorings, resulting in a penalty shot.

Watch the video below (and isn't that small child amusing?):

If you're wondering about the rule, the referees were correct:

63.5 Penalty Shot - If the goal post is deliberately displaced by a goalkeeper or player during the course of a “breakaway,” a penalty shot will be awarded to the non-offending team, which shot shall be taken by the player last in possession of the puck.


Tasked with stopping just one approaching attacker this time, Leggio calmly slid to his right to deny Tyrell's backhand attempt, leaving the Falcons both puzzled and empty-handed on the score sheet. The Falcons did end up winning, however, 4-3.

After growing up north of Buffalo and attending Clarkson University, Leggio was fortunate to stay local, serving as the Rochester Americans goalie for two years, winning 66 games and Team MVP honors in the process. [Read John Vogl's feature on Leggio's start at the First Niagara Center in 2012]. He's never started an NHL game, but at 30 years old, there's still a glimmer of hope for the Islanders' minor leaguer.

Who knows, maybe Leggio will pass along this cunning, veteran wisdom to local campers when he returns home this summer.

Regardless, that's perhaps the most mischievous way of halting a 2-on-0 break.

  • El Elegante

    It's not clever, it's cheating. Should also be delay of game penalty and game misconduct, tossed out of game. Why not just throw the stick at the skaters skates, or his mask, or better yet, lay all the goalie equipment on the ice, creating hazards.

    • WHAT?

      Sorry, it's not cheating. He just knew the rules and used them.

      • El Elegante

        You people are delusional. It takes away from the integrity of the game, simple as that.

    • TXSteadyEddie

      I can't see where it was cheating since he did get penalized for the infraction. He played the percentages according to the rules, beat the odds and didn't let the opposing team score, isn't that his job?

    • Wanna_Dance

      Cheating? No. He violated a rule and the other team was awarded a penalty shot. Thats not cheating.

    • John Brown

      Intentional fouls happen all the time in many sports. It's not cheating. In hockey, he's still penalized, but a 2-0 is worse than just facing one opponent. Change the rule to make it an automatic goal.

  • Haswyg

    Maybe if he actually had some pride and stopped the 2 on 0, he'd better show his skills to make the NHL instead of languishing in the minors eternally.

    • TXSteadyEddie

      I'd rather be playing in the AHL than sitting at this desk of mine...anyday.

  • Bill W

    It's brilliant! He obviously knows how to play within the rulebook and evened up the odds. 50-50 chance he stops the penalty shot and lesser odds if he played the 2-0.

  • Philip E. Carr

    He knew the rule and used it. Nothing wrong with that. Now the rulemakers will need to decide whether it happens often enough to warrant a change. They had to change several rules to respond to Roger Nielsen. My favourite was that he used to send out a defenceman to face penalty shots. The defenceman would rush the shooter and knock him down, stealing the puck. Eventually the league changed the rule so it now specifically says only a goaltender can face a penalty shot.

  • Ken Elder

    There is the letter of the law and the spirit of the law and while it was amusing and an interesting response to a 2-0, I think it violates the spirit of the game and hopefully we don't see that anymore.

    • Wanna_Dance

      Agreed. Much rather see a goalie stand in there and make the play than that chickensh*t move. Its the minors. But fans are still paying good money to enjoy competitive hockey.

      Brilliant? Hardly.

  • Kevin Hickey

    Lame, in my opinion.

  • J in OP

    Can't blame the goalie for knowing the rule and thinking quickly enought to turn a 2 on none into a penalty shot. But you can blame the rule. How about giving a penalty shot to EACH player who is behind the defense when the penalty is committed? So in this case, he would have had to face two penalty shots and risk giving up two goals. That would at least eliminate the incentive to knock the goal off its moorings...

  • John F. Rosenburg

    They should change the ruling to automatic goal. What a brat!

    • John Brown

      In time, they will. For now, he's not a brat, he's brilliant. I think he has a future as a lawyer.

  • Gary N

    The goal is to try and win the game. Gamesmanship to know and use the rules. Kudos to Leggio for using his quick wits and increase his teams chances of winning.
    "Brat, lame, wimp, chicken*hit, cheating"...lighten up

    • Whatdoyaknow

      The opposing team steals the puck at center ice and gets a clean 2 on none breakaway. Then the goalie intentionally and flagrantly knocks the net off its moorings.

      Just what kind of hockey would you like to see?

  • Whatdoyaknow

    I hope there is a rule change with a stronger penalty that reflects the degree of unsportsmanlike conduct for intentionally knocking the net off its moorings.

    Leggio played the existing rule to his team's favor. But I believe his conduct certainly was not in keeping with the spirit of the game.

    I believe he should have been charged with unsportsmanlike conduct and of course the penalty shot still awarded to the opposing team.


    Nice to see hockey's learning from soccer how to cynically manipulate the rules, cheat the fans and behave like children....

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