U2 has unveiled its long-delayed new album, “Songs of Innocence,” and is giving the album away as a free download to iTunes customers right now.

An official announcement, via the band’s web site directs iTunes customers on the procedure for the download.

From the official announcement:

“Simply go to the Music app on your iOS device, or to your iTunes music library on your Mac or PC, and find ‘Songs of Innocence’ under the artist or album tab. The new album is in iCloud, just tap the track listing to start listening or tap the cloud icon to download.

“ ‘Songs of Innocence’ is set for worldwide release on October 13th. Today Apple are giving it to half a billion iTunes Store customers.”

The song titles for the new album include: “The Miracle (of Joey Ramone),” “Every Breaking Wave,” “California (There Is No End To Love),” “Song For Someone,” “Iris (Hold Me Close),” “Volcano,” “Raised By Wolves, “Cedarwood Road,” “Sleep Like A Baby Tonight,” “This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now, The Troubles.”

Early reports suggest that the album boasts a more raw, heavier edge than the more pop-oriented music the band has largely been favoring for the past decade.