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Poll: Share your opinion of 'Shark Girl'

Poll: Share your opinion of 'Shark Girl' The new public art at Canalside includes some sharp-looking teeth. (Mark Mulville / Buffalo News)


"Shark Girl," Buffalo's newest piece of public art, has generated a huge amount of feedback since the sculpture was unveiled Tuesday afternoon. Some find the piece to be a welcome interruption or a worthwhile curiosity, while others can't quite wrap their heads around the piece. Take a moment to share your opinion of "Shark Girl" below:

How do you feel about 'Shark Girl'?

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  • Buffalo Wing Wear

    Great move to get an artistic attraction to canaside. We need something like the Bean Chicago has, as a year round tourist attration.

  • Grey Friday

    I think she is awesome and my son loves her too. Can't wait to see more!

  • John Kolaga

    I applaud the Shark Girl's whimsical charm, especially at a time when whimsy and charm seems in short supply generally. I predict Shark Girl will quickly become a favorite landmark to WNY children and visitors to Canal Side generally. Grrrr!

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