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Cincinnati artist impressed by success of 'Shark Girl'

Cincinnati artist impressed by success of 'Shark Girl'


I caught up this morning with Cincinnati-based artist Casey Riordan Millard, whose "Shark Girl" sculpture has created a bigger stir in Buffalo than any new public artwork in recent memory.

The sculpture was on view on Cincinnati's waterfront from last July through this summer, where she drew some attention. But her appearance in Buffalo was met with an ecstatic response, both at Canalside where she sits next to the Buffalo River and on Twitter and Facebook, where she has become one of the city's favorite new memes. To wit:

Here's my brief conversation with Millard about Buffalo's reaction to "Shark Girl," some background about the piece and what she hopes people will get out of it:

  • Rick Hutchinson

    If this ugly piece of what ever creates a bigger stir in Buffalo than Cincinnati then this only shows Buffalonians to be nothing more than dull and uncultured.

    • Petrus

      Or have a better sense of humor

  • Tahoeny

    LOL... Shark Girl... LOL!!!!

    Who are the Buffalo bozo's who started this infatuation by giving this "art" so much attention?

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