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A Closer Look: Casey Riordan Millard's 'Shark Girl'

A Closer Look: Casey Riordan Millard's 'Shark Girl' The new public art at Canalside includes some sharp-looking teeth. (Mark Mulville / Buffalo News)


Title: "Shark Girl" // Artist: Casey Riordan Millard // On view permanently at Canalside

Meet "Shark Girl," the newest piece of public art in Erie County and already one of its most talked-about in years.

The 6 by 6 by 3-foot sculpture, which sits in a well-trafficked area of Canalside, features a young girl in a blue dress with a red sash who happens to have a great white shark for a head. After the unveiling of the sculpture on Tuesday afternoon, social media channels flooded with commentary. Some embraced "Shark Girl" as an absurd symbol capable of bringing a brief moment of joy to the lives of passers-by, while others dismissed it as ugly and tacky.

"Shark Girl" even has her own Twitter account, which has been generating plenty of reaction on its own since the sculpture's debut.

Below are some of the best reactions to Millard's piece:

And here's some reaction to Shark Girl's debut from The Buffalo News' Facebook page:

For a little more insight into the artist's inspiration for the sculpture and her other work, check out this interview Millard did with the Angela Meleca Gallery in Columbus, Ohio last year:

  • BullGuy

    Yes, because when I think of Lake Erie and the Niagara River, I think of sharks. Next up, humpback whales!!

  • GWW

    reverse mermaid

  • disqus_4Fw8t5kzKY

    Still looks better than that monstrosity stuck to the side of Pearl Street Grill.

  • Rodney Jackson

    my wife

  • Roni Sue Zolnowski

    It's fun and it is a nice change from other stories in the News. Just accept the art, if you aren't into it, fine. Otherwise, have fun with it.

  • Rick Hutchinson

    Ugly and racist.

    • Guest

      Yes you are.

  • mariob195

    I don't mind it. I don't get it, but I don't mind it..

  • BuffBooster

    There's something fishy about the artist - probably a Pisces working for scale. Maybe Shark Girl can hook up for a blind date with that sculpted dude on the park bench at Niagara & Ferry. You know, two lonely figures jazzing up sedate, sedentary lives.

  • W.T. Beef

    She looks like a lawyer.

  • buffaloconnie

    Happy to see @Sharkgirl made it on the public art scene.

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