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Old Marshawn Lynch Bills jersey appears in BBC newscast

Old Marshawn Lynch Bills jersey appears in BBC newscast A man wearing an old Bills jersey appeared behind the BBC's Christian Fraser. (Screenshot from


Tension is high on the streets of East Jerusalem following the discovery of a Palestinian teenager's dead body, which occurred shortly after three Israeli teens believed to have been abducted were buried. The events have precipitated numerous clashes in the area, as documented in this BBC News report by Christian Fraser earlier today. Fraser's report outlines the confrontation occurring between Palestinian youths and Israeli police after the discovery.

We do not intend to make light of the grave situation and certainly hope for an immediate calm, but as with many things, the conflict has a Buffalo connection.

Beginning around the 1-minute, 30-second mark of the report, an individual wearing an old Marshawn Lynch No.23 Bills jersey can be spotted in the background. The fact it is a Lynch jersey is confirmed at the tail end of the video when the nameplate is visible.

We had previously read a New York Times report about Bills Super Bowl champion T-shirts and gear going to a relief organization that passes it along to developing nations.


    This is NOT a "Buffalo connection". By even writing this fluff piece, you absolutely DID make light of this grave situation. Shame...SHAME on you.

  • BuffaloRepatriate

    Looks like the Buffalo media will grasp at any straw to try to establish a "Buffalo Connection."

    • Mark

      Agreed. WOW, a Palestinian person wearing a Buffalo Bills Jersey makes TBN, 2, 4 and 7. THIS is what sets WNY back 50 years in time.

  • Big Jake


  • HapKlein

    During the 1990’s I gave support to a Charity Bicycle Ride for the blind, “Ride in Plain Sight,” that even had blind bicyclists (on tandems, of course) ride very pleasant routes of about 25 miles through Buffalo Streets.

    One year friends of mine were in Nairobi and Photographed Africans walking about the Public Square in the “Ride in Plain Sight,” T-shirts from that very year!

    I advised them it was part of the globalization plan of Bill Clinton but I always thought it was funny!

  • Cool Breeze

    Mystery Solved ---> There are hundreds and perhaps thousands of immigrant Palestinian and first and second generation American children of immigrant Palestinians living in western New York. One of them (wearing a Bills Jersey) was probably visiting the homeland.

  • drew130 .

    That's what happens when "Beast Mode" goes too far!

    What's next, a story about a Syrian rebel wearing zubaz?

  • Veritas vos Liberabit

    How do we know this jersey is not one of the many counterfeit merchandise made in China? There's so many of them floating around the World they're impossible to detect. Nevertheless, I wouldn't boast about a Marshawn Lynch jersey in EJ and the connection with Buffalo.

  • ralphyboy

    Has the News lost its mind? Each day, it sinks deeper and deeper to being non-stop advertising, thinly disguised shilling for the pro sports teams, and choices for stories that lead me to believe that the kids who write for the Next magazine are its editors. No, Next would never stoop to this level.

  • Bubbles

    He thinks that by going into Middle East Mode he can force Hamas to trade him to the Seahawks.

  • Jon S.

    Interesting how there is no byline to this story.
    I guess the "reporter" is too embarrassed to admit they wrote something so stupid.
    Note to publisher: remember this inane article when trying to figure out why you are losing relevancy and subscribers.

  • PaulR

    First hit-and-runs on Chippawa, gun charges in LA, and now he's progressed to kidnapping in the Mid-East....

    Marshawn certainly does get around.

  • Ralph Wiggum

    Call me when you find a previously undiscovered tribe in S. America with one of them wearing a Scott Norwood jersey and then I'll think it's cool.

  • Jon S.

    Holy Cow !!!
    NBC just showed some video of the Pope and a guy in the background was wearing a Cellino & Barnes T-Shirt....
    Hold Page One !!! - We have a blockbuster !!!!

  • Steve

    Finally, the news deliver a hard hitting story for a change....

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