Coronation Day

Kenneth Snelson's "Coronation Day," from 1980, is the latest large-scale piece of public art in downtown Buffalo. Picture from Buffalo Arts Commission.

A longstanding and long-ignored provision requiring the city to set aside 1 percent of the money for capital projects over $1 million for public art may be revived on Tuesday by Buffalo's Common Council.

According to News Reporter Jill Terreri, councilman Michael LoCurto has drafted a resolution that calls for the program -- officially incorporated into the city charter in 1999 -- to be fully enforced. The resolution "supports reviving the 1% for Art in Public Places Program, and requests responsible City officers and departments develop and coordinate internal processes and mechanisms that will help ensure this law is enacted to the fullest extent by the beginning of fiscal year 2014-2015."

It also requests that Buffalo Public Works Commissioner Steve Stepniak compile a list of current and future capital projects that qualify for the program and submit it to the council by May 27.

"It not only adds to the urban experience and what makes city living interesting, but it’s also supporting local artists, which is always a good thing," LoCurto told me in an interview about the stalled program last year. "We have such a vibrant arts and cultural community that I think it’s important for the city to do what it can to support it."

The council may vote on the resolution as early as Tuesday, or at its next meeting on April 29.

Here is a copy of LoCurto's resolution:

--Colin Dabkowski