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Here's What's Happening

By Jana Eisenberg » 1:43 PM

Hair. It’s literally top of mind for all of us — in some way or other. Especially women. And, whether we like it or not, what we do with our... Read More

By Carol Horton » 1:29 PM

Hi, everyone. It’s me, Mindy!  It’s been a while since I’ve written, so I thought you might like to hear what I’ve been up to. Plus, this... Read More

By buffalomagazine » 1:24 PM

We collect. Tastes evolve. Families morph. In time, even once-stylish rooms need an update. Done right, a new look will convey effortless style... Read More

By Lindsay D'Arcangelo » 1:11 PM

Matt Muenster is the face of HGTV’s current do-it-yourself hit, Bath Crashers. With his wry sense of humor and boy-next-door charm, he helps... Read More

By Emeri Krawczyk » 12:56 PM

Buffalo’s always been a food city, but the glut of new restaurant openings in the last few months seems unprecedented. What gives? Dan Garvey,... Read More




Turn to the News critics when you are making decisions about dining, drinking, music, movies, theater, art and what is happening in WNY.

By Warren T. Colville » 12:39 PM

It was about 15 years ago when I first met Marie Snyder. We soon realized we shared a love of wine – especially finding really good red wine at a... Read More

By Laurie Kaiser » 12:31 PM

For many Western New York families, the much-needed respite following a brutal winter means a trip to central Florida. With direct flights from... Read More

By Victoria Hong » 12:23 PM

Somewhere in my life I must have picked up a few bad habits, given the number of improvements I think I need.  The question is: when? I’d like... Read More

By Greg Bauch » 12:20 PM

Hey there, potato chips. It’s me, Greg. Chips, you and I have had some times together over the years. From movie nights with the family to... Read More

By Colin Dabkowski » 12:18 PM

At first glance, the latest piece of national press about Buffalo looked like many of the others: Another Urban Outfitters ad dressed up as a piece... Read More

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